New opportunity for a surprise - send flower bouquet with an elegant flower box

Sending flowers to your loved ones, friends, coworker or someone close is a heartwarming gesture, but how to make this surprise even more exclusive and memorable? For that, we have added elegant flower boxes to our selection. The flower box is a convenient and stylish design element that looks good on every table.
When you order a luxurious or medium bouquet, a we will add a flower box to your order in bigger cities. But of course, you can add a flower box to smaller bouquets as well. NB! Right now flower box is only available in Budapest, Győr, Miskolc, Debrecen, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém
Order the bouquet on the photo: Sunray - florist's fantasy.

Which bouquets add the flower box to?

These capacious vases are a great addition to luxurious bouquets for which a regular size vase can be too small. From our selection, the best bouquets for stylish flower boxes are medium and luxurious bouquets. The black minimal vase looks good with every type of flower, starting with elegant roses and finishing with field flowers. From inside, the vase is very deep and for that reason, it is good to use for flowers that have long stems. For example sunflowers, gerberas and many others.

Order a luxurious or medium bouquet with flower box or add box as an addition to other bouquets

Sending grand flower bouquets with a courier or handing them over yourself is a surprise filled with joy. But often after receiving the luxurious flower bouquet, there can be a problem where to put it. Surely everyone has been in a situation where an old coffee mug or a carafe saves the day by replacing a missing vase. To prevent this inconvenient situation, order a bouquet with a flower box (available only in Budapest, Győr, Miskolc, Debrecen, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém). When you order a luxurious or medium bouquet, a flower box is included in your order. But of course, you can add a flower box to a smaller bouquet as well, if it is available in Your city.

Adding this trendy box to your present will make taking care of the flowers easy and carefree.

All the receiver needs to do is add water and enjoy the beauty of the blossoms.

Order the bouquet on the photo: Moonlight greetings - florist's fantasy.

Why choose a flower box and what to do with it after?

Boxes are made of strong cardboard which makes them resistant, but at the same time recyclable. Strong waterproof material holds in the water and it can be used as long as the bouquet is fresh. It can last up to one week.

Also there is often a question, how to keep flowers fresh during a long drive. With a flower box, you don't have that issue.

Flowers in the vase are in water for the entire trip and the problem of flowers withering won't occur. For safety and to stop the vase from falling over there are two strings attached to the sides of the box. While transporting the box you can conveniently hold onto them.

Order the bouquet on the photo: Flower celebration - florist's fantasy.

Sending luxurious bouquets to your colleges, loved ones and everyone you want to surprise is a lovely tradition which we should hold on to. When surprising your loved ones on special occasions you will create beautiful memories and a flowerful environment, which brings sparkle to everyone's eyes.

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