What do colours symbolize in flowers?

Sometimes all you need is flowers, nothing more and nothing less. Whether they’re for you to cheer yourself up after a tough day, for a friend to celebrate their achievements, or for a lover to show appreciation and gratitude for their presence in your life.

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other romantic days such as Valentine’s Day are ahead of us, and they all call for a beautiful floral surprise! Nothing makes a woman happier than fresh flowers, it’s as simple as that. You can say more than a thousand words with gorgeous flowers and thoughtfully put together bouquets, but it’s an art in itself. Learn how to make your bouquets even more meaningful by choosing the colours of the flowers by their meanings!

  1. RED

    This goes without saying that red roses are true love, fiery passion, beauty, and courage embodied. If you receive a bouquet of these majestic flowers then you can be sure that the person who gave them to you wants to show their feelings or their appreciation for you. Red roses are a statement. But it doesn’t always have to be roses, because the colour red says all the aforementioned. So next time you want to share your love and passion, you can also choose fresh red tulips, or even a heart-shaped bouquet with red carnations for example.
    Why don’t you pair the bouquet with something sweet from Fleurop and there you have it - a simple yet delicious and sensual gift for your lover.
  2. PINK

    Pink blooms whisper in your ear the words of sweetness, admiration, gratitude, and a little bit of desire. They’re perfect for young love and sweet girls. Romantic blush pink prairie gentians are like a dream come true, so gentle and elegant, like the beautiful receiver. Lovely Peruvian lilies or other fragrant lilies say “I adore you” in the most subtle way (PS! Keep that in mind for Valentine’s Day). Choose a single flower bouquet for your minimalistic lady, or go for a bouquet of mixed pink-toned blooms for a rather lively girl.
  3. WHITE

    As you can imagine then white stands for purity, innocence, and sometimes even secrecy and silence. Of course, most of us know that you can find white flowers at funerals, but you can also find them at weddings, so don’t be afraid to choose white flowers for any other occasion as well. Heavenly white lilies are absolutely breathtaking and lure us in with their wonderful fragrance, and make a great choice for someone meaningful to you. White carnations are also a symbol of good luck. If you’re having trouble choosing the right colours then pick white blossoms - white is simple, multifunctional, and always a good choice.
    Combine white and red flowers and you get this romantic bouquet that signifies unity, merging love and innocence.

    When we think of yellow then we instantly think of happiness, joy, and a good mood. This is what yellow flowers symbolize as well. Surprise your friends, family, or yourself with bright yellow gerbera daisies, absolutely stunning yellow orchids that last up to 4 weeks in a vase, or sunshine-coloured tulips to boost mood and cheer up everyone else who gets a sight of this gleeful bouquet! Naturally, you can also gift yellow roses in a beautiful basket to your partner or lover, especially if this happens to be their favourite colour.

    Orange flowers generally stand for fascination, enthusiasm, appreciation, and fiery desire. Pick orange flowers instead of traditional red roses for a change, and surprise your lover with this bold choice. Orange symbolizes more passionate and fiery emotions than the romantic allure of a red rose. They’re also perfect for that fierce best friend of yours, who’s an amazing woman and inspires you daily. Complement the flowers with a handmade cake, a box of chocolates, or quality wine and a card with your personal message. This way you can make the surprise more personal.

    Purple blooms are mysterious, almost enchanting, just like love at first sight. Which makes it a thoughtful first bouquet for your new lover. Can you imagine getting a bright violet bouquet of elegant orchids from your admirer for Valentine’s Day? Absolutely mesmerizing. We guarantee you, this uncommon choice will make a lasting impression and stands out from the rest. Violet carnations, lavender prairie gentians, or lilac Peruvian lilies are also super unique and beautiful flowers to surprise loved ones with!

Keep the meanings of different colours in your mind next time when you’re picking the ideal bouquet of flowers for your loved ones. You will make the floral surprise 100% more thoughtful when matching the colours of these beautiful blooms with your intentions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Let the flowers tell the tale.

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