Flower trends in summer

Master florist Ahti Lyra shares: everything you need to know about this season’s floral trends.

Mindful living and sustainability are currently very important keywords in the floral world as well. Grandiose decorative bouquets have been replaced with minimal and down-to-earth style this season.

This year’s trends are grouped into four core categories: “Human Touch” which encompasses warm, earthy colours, soft textures, and imperfect, organic shapes; “Balanced Biotype” that embraces bio-based materials, natural, calming shades, reusable objects, and wild-looking outdoor spaces; “Recentred Stage” which incorporates geometric shapes, colour blocking and pastel shades combined with bolder tones; “Crazy Illusions” that encourages using vivid colours, metallics, playful shapes, and fairytale-esque charms.

Which flowers are more popular in summer?

Minimal and down-to-earth are also the main keywords for choosing the flowers this summer.

Garden roses, Delphiniums, Sweet Williams, chamomile, Speedwells, peonies, and many other beloved garden flowers are perfect for trendy bouquets.

The eucalyptus hype is slowly calming down this year, and it’s being replaced in bouquets with twigs found from nature, various grasses, ferns, and olive branches. However, it’s beneficial to have some knowledge about the plants you pick from nature so that you would keep the endangered and protected species safe. Peonies are definitely stealing the spotlight this summer, their season lasting from May to the first weeks of July. Other popular seasonal flowers are hydrangeas, snapdragons, gladioli, and dahlias.

Choosing monochromatic or multicoloured bouquets?

Pastel hues and warm tones are definitely preferred. Nude and pale pink shades are still popular but are now combined with yellow, natural blue, and purple for adding contrast. Regardless of the minimal look, various blossoms and leaves are being used in bouquets to make them eye-catching and more exciting. Bigger, luscious, and abundant bouquets definitely win the popularity contest this year. Bright, colourful, and airy floral arrangements are favoured, as they are simultaneously down-to-earth, like a bouquet of freshly picked blossoms from the meadows. Even more common rose and lily bouquets are enhanced with natural leaves and twigs, because they create a more genuine feeling and emotion.

What are the wedding trends this summer?

This season brings more green leaves and plants into the wedding bouquet trends as well. Blooms are definitely still important, but they are not in the limelight any longer. Minimal materials are being used even for decorative flowers like orchids so that the arrangement would create a rather harmonious union.

How do the flower preferences in summer differ from other seasons?

People connect earthy vibes, greenery, and golden fields with summer, creating a vivid picture of blossoming nature, summer cottages, and loving grandparents, which is why local garden and meadow flowers are definitely stealing the spotlight. Decorative roses, flamingo flowers, and lilies stay in the background during the summer season. It’s also better to prefer flowers that can withstand the summer heat and direct sunlight.

How to catch attention with your bouquets this summer?

“To get the most eye-catching bouquet it’s important to trust your florist”, says master florist Ahti Lyra.

Primarily because the weather dictates the availability of seasonal flowers in summer, which means that the florist can create the most beautiful bouquet from the flowers delivered that very day. The preferences of the customer are still absolutely welcome, and the florist will do their best to take them into consideration. Fleurop’s selection offers you a big variety of trendy summer bouquets, that are freshly put together by our florists from carefully picked meadow and garden flowers.

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