6 super name day gift ideas not just for women

In Hungary, in addition to birthdays, the celebration of name days is also a lovely folk custom dating back to many hundreds of years.
The celebration was initially a Catholic tradition, and the newborn was given the name of a saint or martyr to protect him throughout his life. Today, we choose a name based on its sound, but honoring name days is still a part of our lives and of course a great opportunity to celebrate, get together with the family and greet our loved ones. However, it is not easy to find the best gift for everyone. We’ve put together some gift ideas to put a huge smile on the face of the celebrated.
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  1. Bouquet of flowers

    The classic name day gift for women is a flower bouquet. Even the most modern ladies are happy to recieve flowers - yes, even if they pretend it doesn’t matter to them at all. In fact, the elderly are especially looking forward to it, expecting the gesture. Therefore, if we want to be sure, or if we would like to greet a loved one on the glorious day, this is the most reliable choice. If we know what kind of flower the person likes, all we have to do is select it. But don’t panic if you don’t: Our Daily Bouquet is made of the freshest, most beautiful seasonal flowers. It can be ordered until 4 p.m. for the same day, so it’s no problem if you forget to order on time.
  2. Quality drink

    A nice quality drink for a man is like a bouquet of flowers to a woman! For later or immediate consumption - a special drink will win the heart of most men. Whether our goal is to gift something of rare quality, or we know he really likes something that he just can't get enough of, it is always a perfect choice. And if it is spruced up with decorative, elegant flowers, such as our flower arrangement called Warm Greetings, the effect is guaranteed.
  3. Cake

    Most families get together for the name day celebration, so why not surprise that important person with an eye-catching and heavenly cake, which will impress the whole family. Cake traditionally brings people together because everyone gets a slice - this symbolizes togetherness. In our selection of cakes you will find a variety of confectionery masterpieces to choose from!
  4. Plant

    The perfect gift for a colleague, distant relative or an acquaintance is a living plant, which decorates and cheers up the home for many weeks and months. Due to being practical and cost-efficient, small plants such as cyclamen, potted roses and kalanchoes are very popular. With care, they live long and can even be grown into large plants. For bachelors and busy acquaintances, Zanzibar Gem, famous for its outstanding survival abilities in addition to its beauty, can be a super choice that creates a soothing, jungle atmosphere in home or office.
  5. Fruit basket

    Overseas, there has been a tradition since the 80s for people to give each other fruit baskets on any occasion. It is less common in Hungary, which is why it is a perfect choice if you do not want to come up with a boring, cliche gift.
    Baskets full of colorful and juicy fruits not only cheer up the apartment’s atmosphere, but are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals, that support the well-being of the receiver.
    It is an ideal choice if you want to send the surprise to the celebrated’s workplace, as it immediately fills the space with freshness and contributes to efficient work.
  6. Table decoration

    If you’ve already surprised the celebrated with a bouquet of flowers and want something else, a bright table decoration can be a good choice. With colorful, vibrant compositions, any home is friendlier and more charming. Flowers in natural-looking decorative pots fly us to untouched, distant landscapes. They come in hip and colorful, romantic pastel, modern minimalist, and even heart-shaped versions! So for everyone, from grandmothers to business partners to our dearest grandchild, we can find a still life that really fits their personality.
Whether it’s a name day or another occasion, a gift invisibly connects the giver and the one who is surprised by it.

It is really true to say that the intention is what’s important. Take advantage of the opportunity and make a memorable gift for someone who is really important to you.

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