How do you remember anniversaries better?

To err is human, but to forget is unforgivable, especially when the anniversaries of the most important people come into play, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and school graduations.

It is easier to remember the holidays of your spouse, children and best friend, but it becomes more difficult to remember the birthdays of new colleagues or partners. No wonder we forget 70% of new information within 24 hours, 50% even within an hour. It should not be surprising, then, that many people have to wipe their mouths clean of the bouquet and birthday cake* on their birthday. 😉

Memorisation, i.e. acquiring and remembering what is heard and seen, is a memory process. If the material is weakly obtained, a person will remember nothing later. The advice of memory guru Ed Cooke, who can memorise the order of a shuffled deck in 45 seconds, is simple - repeat, repeat, repeat. For example, if you need to remember a new colleague's name, use it at least 30 times since you first met and then you will remember her name.

The reasons for forgetfulness are familiar: stress, depression, lack of sleep or thyroid problems. If it is impossible to reduce them, it is worth improving the memory! Learn new skills, go to work-school-home by a different route, put together a puzzle, dance, meditate, etc.

However, there is one unique way to remember birthdays best. It costs nothing, can be used immediately, and is highly convenient and fast. We're not sure if even Ed Cooke has heard of Fleurop My People Anniversary Reminder Service!

You can add your friends, loved ones or colleagues to the My People program, and Fleurop will notify you when their essential anniversary is approaching. That way, you won't forget anyone's birthday because our notification starts working weeks in advance and will do so until the flowers and gifts have been sent.

How do I add people to the program?

You can order one by one until all friends-acquaintances have been added to the program within a year. However, it is wiser to undertake the whole process at once because you won't miss someone's birthday in the meantime. You can do it right now and add My People here: Add reminder.

What benefits do you get from My People service?

You will have as good a reputation for the rest of your life as the great master of memory, Ed Cooke. And not only. Bringing joy and making someone's day beautiful without expecting anything creates positive karma for you. Good things happen to good people!

Of course, it's no less vital that you don't have to endure the reproaches and accusations that come with forgetting. Anton Chekhov's quote is a warning: ""Women forgive but don't forget, men, forget but don't forgive." Therefore, no one looks past the flowers to not send flowers!

The most crucial argument is that an experienced florist chooses your flowers from Fleurop, which considers the latest fashion and colour trends in bouquets.

The florist orders your favourite flowers early so they are available on the day of the celebration, and arrange the bouquet with the freshest available flowers. Adds a gift vase to the medium and luxurious bouquets, and you don't have to worry whether the birthday child's flowers will wither on the way home or whether they even have such a big vase at home, the office, or at the cottage.

If you are a numbers person, the 2% discount is automatically applied to all bundles and gifts ordered by My People. On an average lush pile of flowers and a large gift basket, you will already win a thousand or few thousand florints. Not so little, considering the constant price increase.

In a word - you save time and money, and everything is highly convenient and easy for you!

Why have our customers joined the My People reminder service?

We have a small company with ten employees, and there is no direct office manager who would be responsible for ordering flowers and setting the coffee table for employees on their birthdays. Our premises are also far from flower shops. Therefore, the My People reminder service seemed ideal for me to use. In this way, no employee's birthday, work anniversary or, for example, a cooperation partner's anniversary is forgotten, flowers are brought to the office, and everything is incredibly convenient! We also often order a cake with flowers, so the birthday table can also be covered.

Laura, small business manager

It has happened to me many times that I forget my girlfriend's birthday. It is precisely on Christmas Eve. I work in a bigger chain store, and this is the time when gifts arrive for us. At the same time, you wonder if the stores will have enough of the goods I ordered, if the gifts collected for the children from a foreign online store will arrive, or who else is missing a surprise. So that is why it happens that my friend wishes me a Merry Christmas, and it is just then that I remember her important day with embarrassment. Now I use the Fleurop My People program, where I get to mark all the important dates and birthdays that I want to be reminded of. I don't want to feel so bad anymore because of forgetting some occasions in this busy world. Of course, it's also nice when someone happily calls that they just received the surprise you sent!

Diana, Purchasing Manager

* Did you know that most of our customers like the option to add a cake to the order?