Celebrate Halloween and Allhallowtide with Fleurop

All the carved pumpkins, ghostly costume parties, and trick-or-treating are sneaking up on us because Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween or All Hallows’ evening taking place on the 31st of October has been celebrated since the 18th century. Traditionally this time of the year is dedicated to remembering all the dead who have passed the veil between the worlds, including saints, martyrs, and the faithful departed. Halloween marks the beginning of the Hallowmas season, as All Saints’ Day is celebrated a day later on the 1st of November, and All Souls’ Day on the 2nd of November.
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How to celebrate the Hallowmas season?

  1. Invite autumn in and decorate your home in orangey reds and golden browns. Fill your vases with rowan tree branches with their stunning red berries, use acorns and chestnuts to create funny animals with your kids, weave colorful wreaths using maple leaves and twigs, and order a lovely autumnal toned bouquet from Fleurop’s selection.
  2. Decorate your porch or doorway with a flaming Ghostbuster or a blooming Pumpkin Burger to set the mood for All Hallows’ Eve, because Halloween is definitely not the same without carved pumpkins! Lighting a few candles also helps to create the perfect gloomy mood for telling some scary stories later this evening.
  3. Add an extra touch of excitement to this eve by turning yourself into a scary vampire, spooky skeleton, or wicked witch. Pick out funky costumes with friends or kids and head out to trick-or-treat your neighbors, and make sure to devour all the sweets you get later!
  4. Pumpkin is on the menu! It would be a sin to celebrate the 31st of October without eating any pumpkin dishes. So go ahead and prepare a warming pumpkin puree soup for dinner, get some chips to snack on with spicy pumpkin hummus while watching a scary movie, and satisfy your sweet tooth with a pumpkin pie. Note that carved pumpkins are in most cases inedible!
  5. On All Souls’ Day take some time to think about your close ones who have passed away. Honor them with a moment of silence, light a candle in their memory, or visit a graveyard and decorate their resting place with a lovely flower arrangement and candle for All Souls’ Day.

We hope these suggestions help to create the perfect mood for Halloween and bring some light into this gloomy Hallowmas season.

Celebrate Allhallowtide with Fleurop, and brighten up your home with autumnal flower arrangements!

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