Succulents or water gathering plants are ideal for lazy plant lovers – they need little watering and rest from October to spring. Yet they please with their large green leaves and colourful blossoms. Choose different varieties and colours for your window sill and let the beauty of the plants inspire you. The most popular succulents are jade plant (Crassula ovata), echeveria and aloe vera. Pot size: 12 cm.
Delivered in a plastic pot. A ceramic pot can be ordered separately.


  • Loves light, tends to stretch out in shadow. Well placed on a window-sill. Direct hot sunlight can turn leaves slightly red on some kinds
  • Water occasionally, not too often, check before that soil is dry
  • Likes a cooler place in winter, for example near a window
  • Fertilise only 1–2 times in spring or summer with fertiliser for succulents or cacti
  • Usually a slow grower
  • Replant in soil for succulents or cacti in spring, if necessary
  • Can be taken outside in summer
  • Most succulents are harmless for kids and pets. Ask the florist for details
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